The tools to identify and exploit your rights and protect the intellectual property of your enterprise in Europe and throughout the world.

The realisation of an idea must be protected, but it is absolutely necessary to know the law in order to safeguard this asset which is so precious.
Our services will help you with the correct management of your intellectual property rights.


Your innovation booster


A Patent protects your invention as it gives you the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling in the Countries relevant for your business.


We work closely with you to understand your products and technologies; this allows us to consistently communicate you the available options and strategies for managing and protecting your innovation by building and enforcing business-focused patent portfolios, while cooperating with other international IP firms.


Our IP professionals are qualified Attorneys admitted before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM), the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (EUIPO), the European Patent Office (EPO), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and have longstanding experience in advising clients in various aspects of Intellectual Property Law with a particular expertise in drafting, filing and prosecuting patent and design applications.


Our fields of activity are electronics, mechanics, oil&gas technology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agri-food.


We also provide patent validity, freedom-to-operate and non-infringement opinions, and assists clients in oppositions and appeals before the EPO, as well as litigation support as Party Technical Experts and Judge Technical Experts in IP lawsuits before Italian Courts.


Beyond technology


A design can protect the exterior design of a product, graphical symbols and typographic typeface.


We deeply understand that protecting the eye-catching appearance of a product is becoming increasingly important in a wide range of technology areas as consumers choose products based on not only how well they work, but also how they look.


We have the expertise to guide you through the process of protecting your design rights assisting you in determining what can be protected. We help you to identify and secure rights in design features involving the appearance of a product, and we provide a cost-effective and versatile way of protecting the exterior design of products in all areas of technology.


Brand yourself


Trademarks are the names, logos, and images that you use to identify your goods and services. A strong trademark quickly and easily identifies your business as unique.


We understand the importance of branding within an organization’s corporate strategy and provide a comprehensive range of trademark-related services.


We recognize the true value of the trademarks, and we develop tailored trademark strategies based on your business objectives. We understand the commercial pressures faced by businesses in today's climate, we will help you from every sector on all aspects of trade mark choice, clearance, registration and worldwide portfolio management.


Your sword and shield


IP rights, and especially patents, are the most valuable assets of technological companies. We are here to assist you and your legal team with:

  • Prior art searches
  • Patentability assessment
  • Freedom to operate evaluations
  • Non-infringement analysis
  • Invalidity contention
  • Opposition/Appeal procedures in Europe
  • Third party observations
  • Technical support as Experts of the Party or as Court Experts before Italian courts

These services allow you to make intelligent and informed business decisions regarding the strength of your intellectual property with respect to your competitors, as well as to evaluate the risk associated with litigation.

Advice on Intellectual Property matters

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